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The National Survivor Study: Harnessing the Power of Survivors to Shed Light on Trafficking

Knowledge is power: Power to prevent tragedy; Power to promote healing; Power to make a change. That was the thinking behind Polaris’s efforts to build the largest known database on human trafficking in North America more than a decade ago. Today, it is the driving force behind the Nationa Continue reading . . .

Love and Trafficking: How Traffickers Groom & Control Their Victims

“I can’t believe she fell for that.” “If I were him I would have told someone!” “I would have seen right through it.” If you’ve never been targeted by a trafficker – or in an abusive or manipulative relationship of any kind – you may well think that nothing, ever, w Continue reading . . .

Lessons Learned about Trafficking 40 Years Later: A Survivor’s Perspective

Editors Note: This guest blog post features the reflections and opinions of an expert in human trafficking who offers historical perspectives on progress in the anti human trafficking field in the 20 years since enactment of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.  By Cheri Crider I Continue reading . . .

What We Know About How Child Sex Trafficking Happens

What most people think they know about child sex trafficking generally involves stories – young girls and boys being kidnapped by strangers, forced into windowless vans, then driven to another city or state where they are kept drugged and chained in a brothel. While situations like these do exi Continue reading . . .

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