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Man to Man: Why Don’t You Purchase Commercial Sex?

Not only are America’s professional drivers trained and actively looking to assist victims of sex trafficking, they are also working to address the demand that fuels this crime. No buyer = no victim = no sex trafficking. This is why TAT created our “Man to Man Campaign” and we asked truck drivers a simple question … why don’t you purchase commercial sex? Click here to learn more on our website.

The following are suggested next steps that individuals, corporations and men’s groups can take in response to this issue.


  • Don’t buy sex.
  • Evaluate your own thinking on relationships, women, sexuality and what it means to be a man. Is it healthy?
  • Surround yourself with other people, media and forms of entertainment that reinforce healthy messages around manhood and sexuality.
  • Challenge the norm when it comes to sexist jokes, attitudes or even policies in the workplace.
  • Raise your kids well; have the tough conversations with them.
  • Explore the recommended reading list, and read the stories of sex trafficking survivors to gain a better understanding of what it takes to recover from such trauma.
  • Continue the dialogue … in your homes, workplaces, peer groups, churches, etc. by sharing the link to the video and this webpage. Talk with other men about the importance of challenging the myths our society has been perpetuating about manhood.


  • Educate your employees about this issue by showing them this video. For an additional resource, check out the following TED Talk: 3 Ways Businesses Can Fight Sex Trafficking.
  • Adopt anti-trafficking-in-persons policies with a demand-reduction focus (i.e. zero tolerance for buying sex on company work time or with company work product).
  • Provide job opportunities for survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking.
  • Encourage other corporations to follow your lead in addressing this issue, and see examples of best practices below.


  • Watch this video as a group and engage in the following discussion questions.
  • Address the link between pornography and sex buying, and utilize the program resources on this webpage to provide support in breaking porn addictions.
  • Support local organizations in your area who work with survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking.
  • Share what you learn in group with your communities, churches and workplaces … advocating for policies and protocols that encourage healthy expressions of masculinity.
  • Encourage other men’s groups/organizations around the nation to address this issue and follow your leadership.

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