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Sheriff’s investigator: Children increasingly victims of cyber sex trafficking

Richmond County Sheriff’s Investigator Terry Gore pulled out his phone, and stated how many people currently have Bluetooth activated phones.

He then showed his phone, using a cheap, easy to download app that would help him hack into a person’s phone via Bluetooth. This is part of how millions of children get captured and thrown into sex trafficking every year via technology.

Gore gave several tips like this at his session on cyber sex trafficking at Broken Outreach Ministries on Thursday. As a sheriff’s investigator, a former FBI agent and a specialist in this area, he has had plenty experience on this topic .

“I receive more than 30 cases a month from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, through the GBI, through Richmond County,” Gore said. “Children are being targeted by adults. No matter who they are, they’re going to be targeted by an adult if they’re online for any extended period of time.”

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